Summary of Events

2024 Summary of Events
YIBS- Meets with the ED of ARHF
Diaspora Reconnection Program

Cameroon is Calling all African Descendants to reconnect with your roots.

WHEN: October 4-14, 2024

WHERE: Cameroon, Central Africa

HOSTED BY: African Roots and Heritage Study Travels

Welcome: dear brothers and sisters of the Diaspora. The Diaspora Reconnection Program  is designed to provide you with maximum opportunities to reconnect with the land of your ancestors. The idea is to introduce you to the cultural, heritage,  and culinary expertise of various regions of “Africa in Miniature”. Most importantly to defy the myth and break the curse that said, “those who left these shores would never return”.

We triumph! The Diaspora returns to visit the route of our ancestors who were enslaved during the transatlantic slave trade. Breaking the curse, repairing the breach, and reuniting with our Cameroon Brothers, Sisters, Mothers, Fathers, the entire Cameroon community.

Bimbia,  Door of No Return is reversed and we are coming to reclaim ourselves, our heritage, our life. The DRP offers you ten days of heartfelt reconnection with your Kingdoms, chefferies and people of the land valorizing Cameroonian heritage.

WHAT: This an a 10 day cultural and heritage excursion that includes roundtrip airfare, hotels accommodations, meals, ground transportation, interpreter services, entrance fees to sites, special audiences with Kings and Queens and much more.

COST: $4000.00 for students

$4500.00 for non students

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This is an all inclusive excursion and The cost includes airfare from your hometown airport, ground transportation in Cameroon, double hotel accommodations, and 2 meals per day and entree to all events. If you require a single room  the cost will be $500 additional.

The valued cost to Cameroon is $4000 for students  enrolled in History 299 at HCC and $4500 for non students.

The cost does not include: 

  • Visas from the Embassy of Cameroon 
  • Spending money  for souvenirs or gifts, 
  • Yellow fever vaccine, required
  • Trip cancellation insurance 
  •  Gratuities.

A deposit of $1000 is due upon completion of this registration form. 

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The deposit can be sent via Cashapp, Zelle, MTN MOMO or PayPal (African Roots and Heritage Study Tours) with an additional 4% fee with Paypal 

Checks can be mailed to: 

African Roots  and Heritage Foundation, 19371 Bentler st., Detroit, MI 48219

**The remaining balance payment for students of $3000 or $3500 if non students are payable in full is due by September 1, 2024.

**See application form for payment schedule.

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Diaspora Reconnection Program Cameroon Travel Checklist 

2023 Summary of Events
Global Day of Community Service 2023

December 21, 2023 is the great day to celebrate our Purpose, Mission and Vision at the African Roots and Heritage Foundation. Annually, the African Roots and Heritage Foundation (ARHF) hosts' their Hallmark Public Program the Global Day of Community Service (GDCS) which seeks to aide the less fortunate youth with scholarships, computer equipment, wi-fi routers etc, which enables them to compete in the global market.

ARHF in partnership with the University of Yaounde 1, Department of African Literature and Civilizations, launched an essay contest on the theme of, "The Authenticity of African Literature Written in Colonial Languages." The prizes for the most outstanding essays are desktop computers.

ARHF was inspired to give five desktop computers to the winners of the 2023 season. It came to our attention that the winner from last season did not have a cell phone, tablet or any electronic devise to write and submit his essay. Therefore with this insight we are obliged to get technology into the hands of the youth, fulfilling our motto, "Celebrating Our Heritage, While Confronting the Challenges."

The top five finalist shall receive:

1) Dell desktop computers,  

2)have their essay published in our ARHF's Anthology, and 

3) appear on local on Radio and TV talk shows.

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Restitution 101: A History of Theft Premiere & Discussion Session
Pa'a Ngouo'ok Festival and Official Launch of the Grassfields Research Institute

The African Roots and Heritage Foundation’s Executive Director, Professor Anita M. Diop was invited to the official launch on the Grassfields Research Institute as a guest speaker during the Pa’a Ngouo’ok Bapa 2023 Festival. A small delegation comprised of the Assistant Director, Dr. Dora Mbu and the Administrative Assistant, Jeannette Ndzehgah accompanied the ED into the grassfields of the Western Region of Cameroon.  The event took place on November 28, 2023 at the Bapa Museum located in Bapa, Cameroon, Central Africa.  

Among the esteemed guests were Christian Nana, Director of the Blackitude Museum, which is located in Yaounde, Cameroon. Domfang, Andre, Ancien Chef de la communaute Bapa. Andre Kounchou Feze, owner of Fiia, a Restaurant featuring beautiful and cozy Bed and Breakfast that offers free short-term stay for the African Diaspora. He is also the organizer of the Pa’a Ngouo’ok Bapa 2023.  Prince Theophile Theotatsita PMC and other notables.

Bapa is a small village with large stones and the history has it that it was once a larger land base but is was downsized and rejected by another village taking over.  These stones has a great significance because it bears the name of the Festival.  Pa’a Ngouo’ok which means rejected stones, the people were rejected from the larger group and land mass, therefore rejected and sent to live among the stones.

During the visit to the Kingdom of Bapa the ARHF delegation was granted a meeting with the King, His Majesty Simeu David after a brief introduction of ourselves and our YCLPDP _ Youth Cultural Language Preservation Discovery Program, His Majesty agreed to partner with ARHF for future programs.  

The spokesperson for the Grassfields Research Institute insists that a research institute on the heritage of the Grassfields will therefore allow, beyond the BAPA museum, to make the heritage of the country of the grassfield space an object of study, the aim being to rearm our people and allow them to better root themselves in their past The Grassfield Research Institute will allow its daughters and sons, Researchers and Academics from around the world to appropriate the extent of our socio-cultural and traditional heritage, and to promote it.  It will participate in the enrichment of world heritage and in doing so, contribute to human diversity Academics, Researchers, Students, men and women of culture, festival-goers, Traditional Chiefs, etc. will be at the forefront of this event which will have two major articulations: i) Conference-debates and ii) Visits to exhibitions on works dealing with subjects on  the cultural and traditional heritage of the Grassfields.

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2022 Summary of Events
AfricanPrincess Elevated to Mafo (Queen)

Professor Anita M Diop, the Executive Director of African Roots and Heritage Foundation has been elevated from the status of African Princess, a title given nearly 30 years ago for her passionate work to uplift, motivate and inspire all people of African descent. Being duly honored by The FO Negou II His Majesty, Negou Tela Guilliame Alain Roi du Peuple Baleng to receive the title of Mafo (Queen) of the Baleng people with all rights, privileges, status and honor and prestige, on November 18, 2022 in the Royal Palace of Baleng, situated in the Western Region of Cameroon.

In all humility, Mafo Anita Marie accepted the honor and with all power uphold the duty and respect of this new office. May every endeavor receive its blessings in her hands.

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Quartier Mozart Cultural Art Gallery

Professor Anita M. Diop the Executive Director of the African Roots & Heritage Foundation was at Quartier Mozart for the 1916 exhibition, emphasizing when the Germans left Cameroon, and the France came to settle. Anita Diop spent the day in Mozart Neighborhood, she discovered the book by Amadou Djaili Amal WALAANDE which she took a copy of, and is being made into a film. She met the talented artist Beck Beh with whom she talked about theater, and told her script to the Scripto Sensa team in the Writing Room which she hopes to have produced into a film. She discovered the Afrofuturistic concept FOUMBAN IS WAKANDA, she admired the panoramic view of Etam-Bafia neighborhood, visited the 1916 exhibition, ate the ndomba and took hang out with young history researchers. All this at Mozart's Quarter. 

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Royaume de Batoufam Chefferie and Royal Museum

The Executive Director, Anita M Diop met with Sa Majeste, Le Roi Nayang Youkam Inocent and Prince Joseph Youta Dada at the Royaume de Batoufam. They discussed the Diaspora discovering their roots and reclaiming their lost identity in Cameroon.

Afterwards, Professor Anita was given a tour of the Palace Museum and Gardens. She learned secret medicinal practices, history of the Batoufam people and their concept of time.

The people of Batoufam practice an Eight day week. That day is set aside for rest and judgement. No work or holidays even funerals cannot be carried out on this day. A cultural gem and treasure, the Batoufam calendar.

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2021 Summary of Events
Legacy Building

The African Roots and Heritage Foundation lead by Professor Anita M. Diop and Executive Director actively participates in many Global Pan African Events as a leading expert in the field of Culture and Arts.

This year started with an annual Birthday Fundraiser in February 2021 with all funds collected and donated for the Global Day of Community Service that provided Tablets and Wi-fi for the Bogso Secondary School in Cameroon.

In March 8-11, 2021, she was a guest speaker at the FIBE 2021 Festival at Bogso/Eseka Cameroon Central Africa, speaking on the theme of the Diaspora.

April 23, 2021, she was invited to the Consciousness and Capital show and spoke on the topic of Summer Learning Institute that was established in Tanzania at the Tsuba University.

On May 25, 2021, the Executive Director participated in Africa Day with Twende Afrika as a guest speaker in Uganda. The topic discussed was 'How to empower the Youth".

Professor Anita M Diop is humbled to participate as a panelist with the Historical Africa Cultural Centre USA on the African Union Year 2021 Theme: Art, Culture, and Heritage. July 17, 2021 in a
Virtual Conference.

In July 28-30, 2021 Professor Anita M. Diop was appointed the Ambassador of the Sixth Region to ACALAN AU for the Official launch of African Languages Week in Burkina Faso, West Africa. She presented a paper entitled, "The Importance of Preserving African Language At Home and Abroad".

July 31, 2021 the Executive Director was invited as the Closing Keynote speaker at the First International Conference on Cameroonian Studies and History at the University of Buea, Cameroon, Central Africa. Professor presented a paper entitled, "Reclaiming and the Establishment of the Culture and Identity of Cameroon Historical Diaspora".

While in Cameroon, Professor Anita visited many Kingdoms which was a rich cultural experience. August 14, 2021 she traveled to the Kingdom of Bana to meet the His Royal Majesty Fon Sylvestre SIKAM HAPPI V.

Later that month she traveled to the Fonboun Kingdom and met with His Royal Majesty Sultan Mbombo Njoya with a discussion on repairing the breach between Africans Americans and Cameroon . August 21, 2021.

August 26, 2021 visited the region of Simbock to visit Fobuzie Naah Ndeh Doris. Who is the Queen of Chomba. Chomba is the name of my husband's village. By birth she is from Mankon a neighboring village to Chomba. She works as a Vice Principal in her local school district. Queen fobuzie is from the Ethnic group is Ngemba and it the Location is Bamenda II subdivision of the NorthWest region of Cameroon.

August 31, 2021 meeting with Professor Anita M. Diop meets with Professor Ebenezer Njoh Mouelle, Ancien Ministre Representatant du Cameroon au Conseil Executif de L'Unesco, along with Professor Ceceile Dossaline of University of Yaounde 1. Yaounde, Cameroon Central Africa. Interesting conversations regarding the way forward for Africa. Yaounde, Cameroon.

Keynote speaker

July 31, 2021 the Executive Director was invited as the Closing Keynote speaker at the First International Conference on Cameroonian Studies and History at the University of Buea, Buea Cameroon, Central Africa. Professor presented a paper entitled, "Reclaiming and the Establishment of the Culture and Identity of Cameroon Historical Diaspora".

Foundational FundRaiser

This year started with an annual Birthday Fundraiser in February 2021with all funds collected and donated for the Global Day of Community Service that provided Tablets and Wi-fi for the Bogso Secondary School in Cameroon.

2020 Summary of Events
TAI - Fourth Annual Artizen Conference

The African Roots and Heritage Foundation participated in the TAI Fourth Annual Artizen Conference in Tanzania at the University of Tasuba in Bagamoyo, From November 10 - 22, 2020 . The Executive Director, Professor Anita M. Diop was a key speaker on the workshop entitled,"The Role of the Gifted Artist.

While visiting Ministry of Women and Children, an orphanage in Zanzibar, Tanzania, ARHF participated in Global Day of Community Service with a sizable donation to help with the orphaned children, particularly Baby Hawa who was only 3 months old at the time of the visit.

We strongly believe in aiding those whose lives we touch, giving them a brighter future.

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Black History Month 2020

The African Roots and Heritage Foundation participated in the Scott Arrington Family Black History Month Program at the Highland Park Art Center in Highland Park, MI on February 16, 2020.

The Executive Director, Professor Anita M. Diop delivered a presentation on the "Importance of Reclaiming Your African Roots" as well as a Photographic Exhibit of her travels to many countries in Africa. Professor Diop was well received by the audience. She delivered her speech in a fiery way and therefore engaged the audience in how to get their DNA results. Afterwards followed a Question and Answer period. 

African Communities Symposium - Heritage, Identities, Languages, and Arts

The African Roots and Heritage Foundation was asked to participate in an online Meeting Hosted by Arizona State University, on November 7, 2020. 

The Executive Director, Professor Anita M. Diop gave a presentation on, "Claiming the Culture and Africa's Identity of the Historical Diaspora and the Establishment of African Identity".