World Museum Day 2024

*World Museum Day 18- 05- 2024 

In commemoration of World Museum Day, REGARTLESS Foundation organized a panel discussion on the theme "Museums and Decolonization within the context of Neocolonialism". 

The African Roots and Heritage Foundation (ARHF) took part in the panel discussion and interrogated on whether Museums and African traditional cultural spaces have a common ground. This is because African traditional cultural spaces are noted to have overlapping functions and practices at some point with Museums as they both work in their peculiar ways to preserve the history, culture, customs, and traditions of the people. 

However, issues of authenticity and misinformation often arise as some people have the feeling that some tour guides who are not well grounded in the histories and traditional practices of the people might disseminate misleading or distorted information on the history and cultural practices of indigenous people thus offending those who value and practice them. 

Debates around preservation of African traditional culture and history are pertinent and many critics think that documentation could be a major solution thus Africans should take the centre stage and write their own narratives which could be documented in books and online for easy access to a wider public. Africans should reinvent Museums in books and put them in libraries and Internet for easy accessibility and preservation. 

Another focal point is the place of natural science in Museums. Museums should be seen beyond mere objects and artefacts. They should also serve as centres for herbal and African traditional medicinal studies where medicinal plants and indigenous forms of traditional medicine and practices can be studied. Local preservatory methods of art objects in the Museums are equally encouraged in place of chemicals. 

Overall, Museums should not be seen as places of conservation but as avenues for conversations. 

Dr. Mbu Dora

Photo courtesy of RegarTless.

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