YCLPDP Comes to Bapa, Cameroon

YCLPDP Comes to Bapa, Cameroon

The African Roots and Heritage Foundation is in partnership with the Kingdom of Bapa, under the rulership of HRH King Simeu David to facilitate the YCLPDP - Youth Cultural Language Preservation Discovery Program August 10-11, 2024 an overnight stay with two days of intensive research and exploration.

Youth Cultural Language Preservation Discovery Program – (YCLPDP). It is designed to immerse the youth, students, and members of the Diaspora and the surrounding community, who want to participate in their own Sankofa[1], that is “go back and pick up the gems of the past” and ready this generation for the ongoing Africana Renaissance. In this program we are able to meet the needs of the Global African Community.

Our purpose is to record the various histories and uncover the hidden gems of the many kingdoms throughout Africa. With all these findings our will is to publish the data in multiple formats, giving the ARHF All Star Scholar Volunteers the opportunity to work on noble projects that will lead to Africans as a whole taking control of how we are represented in all media spaces. This will eventually lead to reforming the way we think of ourselves and facilitate true independent governance in all affairs.

Our Youth Coordinator, Dr. Ahmad Bello, and Youth Development Coordinator, Etoundi Arnold, coordinates the YCLPDP. Under their direction the youth volunteers and volunteer scholars are guided to conduct research on the Kingdom, highlighting the history, language, culture, methods of succession, governance and artifact preservation and much more. With the data collected it is the will of ARHF to publish these findings for the public with the hope of developing a research center.

 YCLPDP is designed to be the bridge between learning theory in academic classroom and immersion into the culture.

Any college bound youth and especially youth of Bapa are encouraged to participate in this event.  

Apply here to join us: Online application 



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