Visiting City of Eastpointe Mayor Monique Owens

The celebration of Black History Month continues serenely here in the United States of America. It is in this context that I had a long and fruitful working session with Ms. Monique Owens, Mayor of the City of Eastpointe, Michigan, which lasted an entire afternoon. She is the second woman to be brought to the head of this Town Hall and the very first personality from the African-American Community since the entire century marking the existence of the structure, this charismatic woman spoke to me, in my capacity as a member of the Council of administration of the African Roots and Heritage Foundation, King of the Mbog-Para of the large Ekang-Beti Community in Central Africa, and Civil Registrar of Ondondo I, on the political, economic and administrative functioning of the town hall of Eastpointe. The working session which began at her office continued in the field with a guided tour by her of some businesses run by African-Americans in Eastpointe. Mr C's Clothing store, Mr D's Corned Beef & Deli and the owner of Epic Event Venue. among others, did not hide their joy at being reconnected to Africa through the exceptional work undertaken by Pr. Anita Diop, Executive Director of African Roots and Heritage Foundation, she herself an African-American attached to Africa, first by the bonds of marriage and then by her DNA testing and spiritual mission of building the bridge between African Americans and Africans. The Mayor expressed her full satisfaction and agreed to the proposal to set up a sustainable collaboration platform. In view of the foregoing, I remain attentive to the direction that God has given me on this important initiative. We are immediately traveling to Kentucky, to continue promoting these ideas and Black History Month Program for Hopkinsville Community College, reclaiming all African Americans to Africa.

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