The Nkunkuma of Okoa Visits the ARHF HQ

The Nkunkuma of the Kingdom of Okoa visits the African Roots and Heritage Foundation HQ in Yaounde, Cameroon at the invitation of the Executive Director Professor Anita M. Diop. A real Woman King, Her Majesty Marie Louise Zoa and her entourage consisting of the High Priest of Okoa, held a high level meeting in the Djaoleerou Hall (meeting place of the Kings) discussing community development and what role can ARHF fulfill.  

The staff members who were present is as follows: Mafo Anita Marie Diop the Executive Director, Nkunkuma Gerard-Marie Messina, the Board of Director, Dr. Dora Mbu, Assistant Director, and Dr. Ahmad Bello, Youth Coordinator. Jeannette Ndegzah, Rose Epie, Josseph Danjie, Elise Djimou and the ARHF All Star Volunteers.

After fruitful discussions, a toast was made to celebrated the new partnership.

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