Quartier Mozart Cultural Art Gallery

Professor Anita M. Diop the Executive Director of the African Roots & Heritage Foundation was at Quartier Mozart for the 1916 exhibition, emphasizing when the Germans left Cameroon, and the France came to settle. Anita Diop spent the day in Mozart Neighborhood, she discovered the book by Amadou Djaili Amal WALAANDE which she took a copy of, and is being made into a film. She met the talented artist Beck Beh with whom she talked about theater, and told her script to the Scripto Sensa team in the Writing Room which she hopes to have produced into a film. She discovered the Afrofuturistic concept FOUMBAN IS WAKANDA, she admired the panoramic view of Etam-Bafia neighborhood, visited the 1916 exhibition, ate the ndomba and took hang out with young history researchers. All this at Mozart's Quarter.

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