Nicamex 2nd Edition - Yaounde 2023

The African Roots & Heritage Foundation was invited to be an a guess speaker for the Nicamex 2023 (Nigeria-Cameroon Economy & Trade Exhibition) on April 19, 2023. The Expo convened in Yaounde, Cameroon at the Caisse Autonome D'Amortissement. The Executive Director, Professor Anita M. Diop, spoke on the advantages of bridging the Gap between the Cameroon, Nigeria and the Diaspora, demonstrating the gain for all with cooperation for international and cross border trading. She defined the historical Diaspora and the contemporary Diaspora to clearly establish her position. The Professor further emphasized the trade concept within the African American Communities in the USA of "Buying Black and Giving Back" and extends this concept across the Atlantic Ocean. Essentially to control the process from start (natural resources) to finish (manufacturing) would be the advantage of African Americans to African Trade world wide. She ended with the famous quote from Marcus Mosiah Garvey, "Up you mighty people and accomplish what you will!

Highlights from Nicamex 2023, the Professor met many Nigerian and Cameroon government officials, men and women business owners. The Notables include personalities such as Estil Simon of the Secretary General Governors's Office Centre Region and Ndah Mirabel Nji Nkemboh, Director of Internal Trade/Mincommerce of Cameroon. In brief Nigeria and Cameroon have partnered to increase cross border trading and is open to establishing cross Atlantic trading with African Americans.

The Executive Director encourages those of the Diaspora to contact her if they are interested in doing business in Cameroon or Nigeria.

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