Inaugural Member/Volunteer Organizational Meeting for the First International Branch in Cameroon

The African Roots and Heritage Foundation officially launched it's inaugural New Member/Volunteer Orientation Meeting at the Quartier Mozart on March 24, 2023 from 3-5 PM. The Executives were met with over 50 participants eager to give their skills, talent, expertise, and time to develop the Cameroon Office. This is the first International Office for the foundation and already there are offers to open in other African Countries, which will enhance the opportunity of international travel with the Foundation.
The Executive Director, Anita M. Diop assures the members/volunteers that this office will be the model upon which all other offices will be fashioned. She discussed and outlined the 10 - Points of Interests for the Members/Volunteers. 

Community: Your membership/volunteerism connects you to a diverse community of people that share Pan -African or Africana culture, language, history, ideas.

Institution: Your membership/volunteerism means that you have an institution, defined as a large-scale social arrangement that is stable and predictable, created and maintained to serve the needs of society that represents your interest as a Pan Africanist.

Opportunity: Your membership/volunteerism gives you the opportunity to contribute to the development of this institution and the welfare of African and the Diaspora around the world through serving and performing meaningful work on various committees that organize and centralize the resources of the institution and its membership.

Education: Your membership/volunteerism supports the day-to-day operation of the institution, enabling it to collect and compile vast, and often obscure information related to African and Diaspora people and produce the various books, articles and videos promoting all aspects of African and Diaspora history, culture, language, and current events.

Access: there are thousands of grants and millions of dollars available for cultural, artistic, historic, social, educational, research and other projects. Have you got an idea or project that needs funds? As a member, you can write your own project proposal and submit it for grant funding.

News: Through the Facebook Group and Whatsapp chat, members get informed of important news concerning African people and Diaspora, as well as discussion of world events from an Afrocentric perspective.

Philanthropy and Development: ARHF engages in all kinds of philanthropy and development in the USA and Africa. We have distributed scholarships, Wi-fi routers, tablets, and desktop computers. We have employed various micro-enterprises, various individuals and providing educational opportunities.

Diplomatic Representation: ARHF is recognized by many local and international government institutions, such as the Department of Social Affairs, of the African Union, ACALAN (African Academy of Languages African Union), CERDOTOLA, ISaRC, As well as partners with civil society organization. ARHF participated in writing a Treaty for AACC (African Audio Visual & Cinema Commission) which was ratified by all member states. The Executive Director is currently serving a five-year commission on the African Languages Week Coordinating Commission, established by ACALAN- AU.

Vision: Preparing all Africans no matter where they dwell to become part of the Africana Renaissance and create a new Glory for All African people.

Pride: ARHF is well respected around the world in international forums.

The Board of Directors, Professor Gerard-M. Messina outlined the boards vision for expansion into all the countries on the continent and highly encouraged the professional, graduates, students and others alike that their time with ARHF will be highly prestigious, and capable of great individual and professional growth. Messina also stressed the concept of reconnecting the Diaspora to Africa and the role the volunteers can in obtaining that goal.

Professor Anita M. Diop, outlined planned events in which the Volunteers can look forward to and participate and even develop programs suitable to answer the needs in this community.

Global Day of Community Service, where we partner with a local school, orphanage, college or university to award computers, accessories and equipment, or financial scholarships through the 

Anita M. Diop Scholarship of Excellence, Essay Writing Contest. Date to be announced.

New African Thought Youth Training Institute Program - (NATYTI) – The synergy created in the New African Thought Conference propelled the need to create an educational vehicle that will prepare the youth to take the baton for their generation. Enhancing their ability to strive for independent thinking and governance, as an individual, community, state, and nation.

Traditional and Cultural Practices Program - that will preserve cultural practices, which includes but is not limited to:
Oral Traditional practices, Ancestral, mystical, spiritual wisdom and knowledge.

Pan African and African Unity Program -designed to foster unity of all Africans and the Diaspora to create a common bond and movement of solidarity for the African Renaissance.

The Baleng Cultural Knowledge Week with the Theme of Apprentissage Des Langues Et Cultures Nationales at the Foyer of the Palace of the Royal Baleng on April 4 - 12, 2023, ARHF is a participant.

Certificates of appreciation were given for those volunteers who have been steadfast since 2019 when ARHF began to do Cultural Programing in Cameroon. Those Recipients were Sophie Ngassa, Benis Nchang and Melissa Tonji.
The Volunteers were excited and fully charged to begin to work in their roles and duties.

RESOLVED: With all the strength, wisdom and knowledge of the ancestors we proceed in being successful in all these notable goals of the African Roots and Heritage Foundation Cameroon Branch established this day March 24, 2023 in Yaounde Cameroon.

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