Baleng Cultural Knowledge Week

The Festivities began at the Sacred Lake in the Baleng Kingdom. The ARHF Team consisting of the Executive director, Professor Anita M. Diop, Princess Olive, Jeanette and Reynolds participated in a spiritual cleansing making their hearts, minds, body and spirit pure to proceed into the program of cultural Knowledge.

Professor Anita M Diop participated in a baptism to wash away the 600 years of trauma for those stripped from their homeland. She asked for healing, renewal that all may partake in the African Renaissance.

While at the Lake Princess Olive discovered two medicinal herbs, 1) helps with women menstruation and the other 2) helps with protection and stomach issues. It was an exciting day and great start of Cultural Knowledge Week.

The Second day was spent in a nearby village of Baham at the Lieu Sacred Fovu or Village of Sacred and Spiritual Rocks. As nature would have all things in balance, there is the King Rock which emanates male God energy of strength and protection and the Queen Rock which exudes Goddess Feminine energy of nurturing and grounding. After the moderations were made known the birds flew around the Executive director three times signifying that her prayers were accepted and approved by the Gods.

The Third day of Cultural Knowledge Week was just as exhilarating as the first two days. This day was also spent in the Sacred Forest and Waterfall of Kenwali. The blessings began to flow as the villagers and Elders of the village bestowed a piece of land to Professor Anita M. Diop, a reparation and reward in recognition of her work in uniting the Diaspora with the continent. The Professor was stunned and shocked, she never imagined any of these blessings.

This concludes the Cultural Knowledge Week. A very exhilarating, impactful, and knowledgeable week fulfilled in the West Region of Cameroon.

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