Anita's 60th Birthday Cultural Event

Celebrating a milestone birthday, the Executive Director, Professor Anita M. Diop was serenaded by the L&M Production company that escorted her in with traditional African drumming and dancing. She was graced with the presence of the Nkunkuma Gerard-Marie Messina, a special guest from the Betchanga people of Cameroon Central Africa. Another special guest, Mayor Monique Owens of the city of Eastpointe was a part of the event and assisted in presenting the ARHF STAR AWARDS. The entertainment continues with Josiah Jones a comedian who delivered side splitting laughs. 

This event served a dual purpose, 1) Anita celebrating her birthday and 2) the incorporation of the African Roots and Heritage Foundation in the month of February. This is an annual Fundraising Gala and ARHF acknowledged Sheila Benson and Valerie Brown-Campbell as ARHF STAR Donor Awardees because of the level of donation support and Terrie Freeman and Elaine Hearns for their various and continued support.

All this culminated into a Champagne and Roses toast

Great food, drink and people all together in unity of purpose.

February 4, 2023 will be listed as the birthday cultural event of the decade.

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