ARHF Chapter Formation Guidelines

ARHF Chapter Formation Guidelines


ARHF Chapter Formation Guidelines and Procedure

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Welcome to the African Roots and Heritage Foundation Chapter Formation Guidelines. 

 You were recently notified of your status as a member of the ARHF.  In order to make the best of your membership, we have designed a few short courses to aid you in being the best member possible. This document provides a step-by-step process required to constitute a strong and healthy ARHF Chapter in accordance with all foundation documents.

ARHF Chapter Objectives

The African Roots and Heritage Foundation is pleased to expand its culture and heritage Public Programming into new demographic areas worldwide, essentially wherever Africans or the Diaspora dwell. With the aid of the ARHF Chapters we can expand our reach and services into a movement of the Africana Renaissance. Detailed below are guidelines and expectations for new chapter development and formation. We expect all newly formed chapters to participate in the following:

• Membership Drives

• Fundraising Activities – For the HQ and local chapter

Hallmark Programming

• Global Day of Community Service – GDCS

Public Programming Partnership

• African Languages Week – February 21- 28

Cultural and Heritage Public Programming

• African Roots & Heritage Study Travel – Diaspora Reconnection Program - DRP/DNA (optional)

• Promoting ARHF and encouraging the Diaspora to know our collective histories.

In furtherance of these objectives, the reading of Katherine Dunham: An African American Cultural Icon written by Founder and Executive Director, Professor Anita M. Diop is highly recommended.   Additional reading materials established for the onboarding and training process will be sent via email.

Requirements for Chapter Formation

• Any individual interested in forming an ARHF chapter must first submit

• An online application and payment of Level 1 or above membership dues

• A copy of their Resume or CV to the following emails and clearly state their name, details and a brief statement of intent:

• A detailed proposal of what program activities they wish to carry out as an ARHF Chapter, aligning themselves with the vision, mission, and values of ARHF.

• Federal & Local Criminal Background Check

[email protected] Executive Director of Chapter Formation ARHF

[email protected]  – Chairman of the Board, ARHF

[email protected]  – Administrative Team, ARHF

2. After consultation with and approval from the President/Founder or Executive Board, the individual/s will receive an email permitting them to start a chapter in the name of ARHF

within seven (7) days of receiving written approval.

3. A series of startup documents will be emailed to the individual approved to start an ARHF

Chapter: thereafter, that individual shall be considered an ARHF representative and delegate (Recruitment Ambassador).

4. The ARHF representative must recruit at least five (5) other individuals to form a Steering Committee. These individuals are: Chairman /(Recruitment Ambassador), Sergeant at arms, Secretary, Treasurer and Community Outreach/ (Program Coordinator) and they must also submit their online application with resumes or CV for review and payment of Level 1 or above membership dues and Federal and Local Criminal Background check. 

The group will then create a Board of 9 people minimum, and within 90 days the Board will be responsible for selecting the Chapter Leadership. The interim Steering Committee members/positions are to be confirmed and made substantive or replaced within 90 days by means of board recommendation. In all, the Steering Committee shall have at least five (5) members, which is responsible for creating a Board comprised of at least nine (9) members.

5. The elected Chair and Board will be expected to serve a four-year term with the option of one renewal for another four-year term. All elected officers can only serve a maximum of two terms.

6. The Steering Committee must identify a meeting place (a school, community center, a church, libraries, recreation centers,  a home with appropriate meeting space or meet via skype/zoom) to hold chapter meetings.

7. The Steering Committee will continue to recruit members and meet as often as needed in accordance with ARHF procedures and code of conduct until the membership is at least twenty-five (25). The Chapter shall have a name (e.g.: ARHF + STATE Chapter). When the above steps have been completed and Chapter membership reaches at least twenty -five (25) people, the Executive Director of Chapter Formation and/or other Executive Board members will meet with the chapter to officially welcome them to ARHF and share some expectations and benefits of being a Chapter.

8. The Chapter Chair and/or Secretary will work in conjunction with the Legal team at ARHF Head Office to register the Chapter in their State/Country of operation as an entity conducting business as a subsidiary of ARHF which is headquartered in Detroit, MI.

9. All members of the Chapter must login to the ARHF website ( and ensure that they are registered. The Secretary of the Chapter must ensure that this is done. The Chapter will report to their State Chair of ARHF or to the Regional Chair, if no State Chair exists. The Regional Chair reports to the Executive Board through the Director of Chapter Formation.

10. All ARHF State and Country Chapters must identify and retain a Legal Advisor or Council for representation in the event of such legal matters arising.

11. Each ARHF Chapter is mandated to carry an Event Insurance Policy of at least $1,000,000.00 per year to protect itself from any liability claims resulting from any damage to person or property at such event that is being hosted by ARHF Chapter.

Events and Public Programming

12. All functions and events, especially those pertaining to one or more of the Chapter Objectives highlighted in this document, are to be approved by the President and Founder of ARHF or her designate prior to being scheduled. Any virtual events to be held under the banner of ARHF are also to be approved by the President and Founder or her designate.

13. Event information should be submitted in writing to the Executive Director of ARHF  for review on a quarterly basis or as otherwise required.   Include the proposed date and alternative dates, any use of the logo being requested, and any proposed flyers or literature must be approved by ARHF main office.  As proposed dates are confirmed they must be re-submitted and approved.

14. Branding Standards, as we are one organization the approved logo or flag cannot be changed; we are one identity, with one official brand. Upon request the HQ will send the official logo in the appropriate format for print materials, signs, and digital media. In the case of partnerships, the HQ must approve the partnership agreement only then shall permission be granted for outside usage of the ARHF logo.

15. Each member is encouraged to promote ARHF in all activities. Each member is expected to articulate the Vision, Mission, and the Cultural and Heritage Programs of The African Roots and Heritage Foundation.

16. Meeting minutes are to be dated, written, processed, signed and sent to the Head Office within 5 days of meeting, a copy is kept as permanent record with the HQ and the local organization. Standard Minutes format is to be utilized. i.e. Date of Meeting; Location of Meeting; Time of Meeting; Members Present; Members Absent; Call to Order by/Opening; New Business; Old Business; Issues for voting; Voting Results; Summary; Adjournment by and time; Minutes Written by; Minutes Approved by.

Cultural and Heritage Public Programming

The African Roots and Heritage Foundation hosts and participates worldwide in many public programs with Culture and Heritage as their central theme. Partnering and collaborating with other civil society organizations, governmental organizations, colleges, universities, secondary schools, orphanages and more is how we build our network, visibility and credibility in the global community. The Founder and Executive Director, Anita M. Diop in her many roles access all pertinent opportunities by serving on Boards, Commissions, various Committees at home and abroad, to serve and fulfill the mission, vision, and values of the African Roots and Heritage Foundation.

Since the inception of ARHF some programs has progressed to become our Signature and Hallmark and travel study programs, they are listed as follows:

• Signature Program - Anita M. Diop, Scholarship of Excellence

• Hallmark Program - Global Day of Community Service-GDCS

• African Roots & Heritage Study Travel – Diaspora Reconnection Program – DPP

• Youth Cultural and Language Preservation Discovery Program – YCLPDP

• Institute and Research Center - New African Thought Youth Training Institute – NATYTI

17. Hallmark Programming

a. The Global Day of Community Service – GDCS is our Hallmark Program of Charity.  We began in 2007 at the first African Roots and Heritage Festival in Columbus, Ohio granting scholarships and computer equipment for high school graduating seniors who participated in the Signature Program – Anita M. Diop Scholarship of Excellence Essay Writing Contest. The essays are composed each year and published in our anthology collection on various topics pertaining to self-empowerment, language preservation, and cultural preservation and much more from the youth. This is a proven method to ascertain insight into the minds of the youth capturing the particular era in which it is written. This series of programs have proven to make their mark in each community it serves, creating and leaving a memorable and lasting legacy for the African Roots and Heritage Foundation.

We like to continue to extend this service into the new demographic regions of each onboarding chapter. The  Ambassador and/or Program Coordinator will facilitate community outreach and identify a community body in which to partner with to develop the GDCS. The primary objective is to enhance the community in which you live with educational scholarships, computer technology for competitiveness in the global market, preparing the recipients for the Africana Renaissance.  The community or individual must be underserved and eligible for government assistance within the Federal guidelines. * See chart below

b.  African Roots & Heritage Study Travel (ARHST) / Diaspora Reconnection Program – DRP is designed to assist the diaspora in reconnecting with their roots. Each chapter can identify and facilitate those who have DNA tested and want to explore Cameroon and reconnect. The travel dates and more information and the application to register is found on our website

18. Public Programming Partnership’s

• African Languages Week  - in partnership with African Union’s ACALAN – (African Academy of Languages) - January 24-30

All ARHF chapters are encouraged to participate in African Languages Week in your locale. Also designing and implementing at least one of these programs, or aid in the recruitment of participants or funding in any of the above listed programs.

We ask these communities to organize themselves for a two-hour program on one of the days between the 24th through the 30 of January.  As I am the Ambassador Representing the Sixth Region to the African Union, we may have a specific day for programming. If so, I will communicate it to the ARHF Chapters well in advance.

Our approach is to identify a body of people who are likely to participate i.e. churches, schools, language department of colleges or African Studies dept. clubs, sororities, secret societies, fraternities, neighborhood associations, local African associations, immigrant groups, and other African or African American study groups, etc. Our role is to raise awareness and importance of speaking African Languages if you are an African or descendent living abroad. This is also a meeting point between cultures and bridging the gaps in our communities.

19. Employment with ARHF

Each chapter is designed to function fully with volunteers. With the exception that the membership enrollment is more than 100, at that time the chapter will establish a local administrator that will oversee operations and expansion and create a budget to facilitate a payroll.  All members who become employees of ARHF must apply for the position and supply their Social Security Number or Tax ID number and eligible to work in the USA, for IRS reporting purposes. Possible positions are listed as follows:

Ambassador - is the lead in recruiting members to ARHF of a particular state or country. They must be fully knowledgeable of the vision; mission, history, our values, motto and most of all our Charity work in Cultural Programming.  They should be able to inform potential recruits of our Signature and Hallmark Programs and Heritage Tours, as well as our newly launched Cultural programs and upcoming programs and research center. This role is the lead role of the state chapter, as the liaison for the public, forming partnerships, conducting the business needs of the chapter.  All engagements must be approved by the President/Founder or designate.

•  Fundraiser Team Leader - This team is designed to focus on various activities to raise the much-needed funds for ARHF. This leader should be effective with working with volunteers and multiple ways of producing the desired outcome.

Program Coordinator - This position requires the skills to organize relevant cultural content and producing a program. This includes the budget, the volunteers and their specific duties. Must possess the ability to identify experts and Lecturers as guest speakers. Must possess the ability to create fliers, and promoting the program.

• Administrative Assistant – This position is to provide background clerical support performing all office and clerical needs. To create all necessary forms and documents, and to facilitate day-to-day operations. To write and maintain all meeting minutes, sending the permanent records to the HQ and properly storing them in the local office.  To make all necessary phone calls and inquiries for ARHF. To order all necessary office supplies for office, meetings, etc.

Unless otherwise stated these are volunteer and non-salaried roles. *see above exception. All roles can wear multiple caps.

20. Understanding Donations

Requesting a donation versus selling - When we have merchandise we can request a donation with a set price. Because we are a non-profit, WE CANNOT SELL ANYTHING, that is in direct violation of IRS Tax code.  We must be clear in our verbiage when speaking with the public

Obligations and Transparency - Our books and tax filings are open to public inspection, therefore we must keep accurate accounts of all donations, donors and the amounts at all times

Tax deductions- all donations that we receive are deductible on the donors’ tax return with proper documentation

Tax Receipts - only the ARHF HQ issues receipts for all donations each year by January 31 for the previous tax year.

End of Month Reporting - must be with official documentation and made available to the Headquarters by the 5th of the following month.


We are a membership driven organization and annual membership dues aid in fundamental operations of our charity programs.  We also receive donations, sponsorships, partnerships, grants, loans and proceeds from ARHF merchandise, books, imported teas, and coffee.

21. Fundraising Ideas – It is mandated that each chapter participate in areas of fundraising 1) to support the ARHF operations and programming and 2) to support the individual chapter.  We have designed a fundraising campaign on many different platforms like PayPal, Cashapp, Venmo, Zelle, Facebook, MTN MoMo Money, Orange Money, Resilia, and many more to ease the donation process for those in the USA and Cameroon. Checks or Money Order can be made out to African Roots and Heritage Foundation, 19371 Bentler St. Detroit, MI 48219.

Double Good Popcorn - online only

Friday's Restaurant – They have a meet up program where you invite guests and ARHF receive a % of the total sales for that period of time or day.

Raffle Tickets 🎟 – something you can organize within your chapter and give prizes like a Flat screen TV, Computer, Books Etc. in exchange for membership dues

Polo shirts/caps👕 – sold from our website,  Branded Polo Shirts

however, each chapter/state can have a local vendor to support shipping or pick up.

Offering Dinners/desserts- might require food-handling permit, check for local regulations

Kroger - we are registered with them to receive donations from their customers when checking out. Any person can tell them African Roots and Heritage Foundation as their Charity of Choice.

Ebay - we are registered to receive donations from their customers when checking out. Again direct any person to say that African Roots and Heritage Foundation is their Charity of Choice.

• Amazon Smile – we are registered to receive donations from their customer when checking out.  However, this program is discontinued.

• Facebook – We are registered to receive donation from any Facebook Member.  Any person can choose African Roots and Heritage Foundation as their Charity of Choice for your birthday and GIVING Tuesdays.

The local chapter may use its share of the fundraising for local purposes wherever and whenever needed.

22. Chapter Budget/Budgeting

• Each chapter must devise an annual budget for operation and anticipated activities and submit to HQ for approval.

• Each chapter must describe in detail which fundraising activities they will use to accomplish meeting their budget goals.

• Each chapter must report monthly on all monetary activities and submit with proper documentation by the 5th of the following month.  Failure to do so will result in a Cease and Desist Order issued against operating as ARHF Chapter.

• The ARHF Fiscal year is from January 1 – December 31 with all Chapter reporting must be completed no later than the 5th of January of the following year.  All Donors must receive notification of their official deduction via 1099 before January 31 by the HQ and all taxes liabilities are therefore accounted.

23. Banking

• All membership dues are to be paid directly to the ARHF HQ through the online system that is established.

• All Donations for the GDCS are to be paid directly to ARHF HQ through the online system that is established.

• All donations collected for the chapter must be paid directly to ARHF HQ and a check will be issued back to the state.  This is for reporting purposes to the IRS. We must strictly adhere to the guidelines to retain our non-profit status.

• Each chapter may open a “dba”- (Doing Business As) account named, African Roots and Heritage Foundation – “State Chapter” in their locale with the Federal Tax ID Number issued.   All bank accounts must be fully disclosed to the HQ within (7) seven calendar days of opening and disclosing the account number, type, and signatories.

• All signatories must provide their social security or TAX ID Number and have submitted their Federal and local Criminal Background check before opening an account in the name of ARHF – State Chapter.

• The account is established only for ARHF Business only, not for personal use to deposit, hold or withdraw for any other purpose, or person or entity legal or illegal.  Money Laundering will not be permitted by any means.

• A detailed report must be provided for any and all cash deposits in any amount.

• Any single donations over $50.00, the donor must be disclosed and a detailed receipt given to the HQ.

• All donations totaling $10,000 or more in a 30 days period of time, the HQ must be notified.  The IRS reporting is essential to our status.  We must adhere to all Regulations or risk losing ARHF’s Non-profit status.

24. Volunteers- The African Roots and Heritage Foundation operates with the skills of volunteers from the community.  There are two types of volunteers that we seek. 1) The Youth Volunteer who needs work experience while educating themselves or after graduating from their studies and,  2) Seasoned Professionals or Retirees.  The youth are trained in their area of education honing in on their skills and expertise while the Seasoned or Retiree bring to us their skills and expertise melding together a skill base that drives us to our goals.

The Program Coordinator oversees, recruits, and retains, the volunteer pool of applicants. It is their position to align the volunteer with the work that needs to be completed.  There are specialized positions and roles that each volunteer may participate. A volunteer with skills of media production can assist the organization with video footage of each event, pictures, documentaries and more. An Example is a videographer or photographer. Their data collection provides documentary evidence of our activities.  They will also keep and archive our data for production into a short film, commercial, social media presence and more.

Then there are basic roles that volunteers can fulfill, like set up, clean up, break down for events, passing out fliers, manning booths, arrange transportation, secretarial duties, bookkeeping, social media posting, etc.

Volunteers must complete an online application with their CV or Resume and electronic signature stating they agree with the terms and submit.  The average volunteer works less than 20 hours per week or as needed and agreed. Once selected by the Program Coordinator, a face to face interview is conducted and if approved by the staff, they will receive a ARHF Branded Polo or T-shirt.  The volunteer term is one year from the date of acceptance and renewable each year.

Stipends- will cover transportation to and from a scheduled event, one meal allowance is provided if not offered during the event.  The cost of transportation is based on bus fare in the locale.

Timesheets-  Timesheets must be completed and signed during the specific period.

25. Reimbursements- ARHF will reimburse for the following expenses, once verified with original receipt and also prior approval. The travel Visa is reimbursed at the official posted rate, business cards, office supplies, and office artwork.

26. In-kind Donations Support – ARHF must give receipts for donations of items with the value over $50.00.  The donor, and the item/s with the value must be listed for IRS reporting purposes.

27. Miscellaneous Petty Cash- Is advised to have on hand to cover unexpected small expenses in day to day or event operation.

Membership Drive

28. All states are expected to facilitate new member recruitment for the foundation in their demographic region.  The foundation is made up of multiple levels of membership Individual and Research/Corporate levels and founding members. Founding members are all the volunteers who took the initiative to create ARHF in their locale, as a de facto association.

All other types of legal persons, (in particular public legal persons, private companies, associations schools, universities, research laboratories, unions, non-governmental organizations) approved by the council administration, on the proposal of the Executive Board are welcomed as members. The amount of the contributions of memberships levels will be negotiated by the Executive Director, and then validated by the Board of Directors; which also sets the amount of annual membership fees.

There are two types of memberships that coexist with one another.  The Main ARHF membership is for ALL MEMBERS with the option to become a member of the Local Chapter. To become a member of the Main ARHF, the interested party must:

a) Submit an online application with their CV or Resume on the website at

b) Pay the appropriate fee for the level they desire,

c) The Executive Board must approve the interested party,

d) After approval by the Board of Directors, whose decision in the matter must be justified.

To become a member of a local chapter it is a three-tier process: Members who opt to become active in the local chapter must:

e) First enroll/register as a member in the Main ARHF organization.

f) Pay the corresponding fees associated with the level of choice or level 1 and above for those who seek board memberships or positions within the local chapter.

g) The local interested party has the option of paying the local membership dues directly to the chapter.  The local Board of Directors decides the local dues for its local Chapter.

Members must undertake to comply with the regulations and laws in force.

Membership Renewal

For all members:

The renewal of membership from one year to the next is tacit except non-renewal of membership decided by the Executive Board, and confirmed by the Board of Directors, before December 15 of the previous year or by the member concerned under the conditions set out below.

Any year-committed dues are collectable.

A member can lose membership under the following conditions:

• Non-renewal notified by simple letter addressed to the President/Executive Director of the association no later than December 15 of the previous year.

• Non-payment of the year's membership contribution

• The extinction of the organization or its closure.

• The dissolution, for any reason whatsoever, of legal persons, or their declaration in a state of reorganization or judicial liquidation.

• The exclusion pronounced by the Executive Board, validated by the Board of Directors, for serious reasons, the person concerned having been previously invited to assert his means of defense.

• Resignation or death.


• Level 1 - Associate of the Foundation $500

• Level 2 - Friend of the Foundation $300

• Level 3 - Acquaintance of the Foundation $225

• Level 4 - Membership of the Foundation $150

• Level 5 - Student Membership $75


• Diamond Level - $50,000

• Platinum Level - $25,000

• Gold Level - $10,000

• Silver Level - $5,000

• Bronze Level - $2500

The local chapter may use its share of the membership for local purposes wherever and whenever needed.

Complete application here: